If you are looking for venue that can hold 30-40 people for an event, let us know.  We don't charge to use your space, we just ask that you buy our beverages.  We can provide tables and additional chairs--you bring the food!  Just contact Chris or Dawn with at least 3 days notice!
In case you didn't know...We are kid and pet friendly!  They must be on leashes (you can decide which one we mean) and you can bring in your own food to enjoy.  There are lots of games/cards available to help you enjoy your time with us...including Pokemon Sorry!

Part of our mission at Coal Tipple Brewery is to honor and preserve the mineral heritage of our part of the tri-state area.     Millions of tons of fossil fuels came out of our hills to power the industrial revolution and we tip our hard hats to those who made it happen; both in the name of our brewery and the names of our beers. Hope you find them interesting in more ways than one!


Some of our foundational ales...

Pit Pony-German Wheat with blueberry, orange, coriander and apricot tones.  IBU 9 ABV 5%
​The PIT PONY was a class of pony commonly used underground in mines from the mid-18th until the mid-20th century.  The term refers to the work done by the animal, and has sometimes been applied to any equines working underground regardless of breed.  typically they would work an eight-hour-shift each day, during which they might haul 30 tons of coal on the underground mine rails.  The average pit ponly lived only 3 1/2 years while surface ponies lived 20.

16 Tons-American Strong Ale made with cascade and nugget hops.  IBU 47  ABV 7.25%
SIXTEEN TONS  is a song made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford and written by Merle Travis who said the line "another day older and deeper in debt", was a phrase often used by his father, This and the line, "I owe my soul to the company store refers to the scrip workers were paid with which could only be exchanged only for goods sold by the company store. This made it impossible for workers to store up cash savings

Go Devil--Red Ale The "go devil" was the charge that was dropped in the hole and you ran like the devil!  IBU 27 and ABV 5%
GO DEVIL has it’s origins in both mining and the oil industry. In drilling, it was primitive fracking: a nitro charge you’d drop in the hole to set off the explosives already packed in there. Drop and Go like the devil! In mining, it was a three-wheeled rope or cable block used to lower mining cars down a slope, the third wheel allowed braking to prevent runaway cars.

Dead Canary--A real-deal IPA.  IBU 95 and ABV 7.5%
DEAD CANARY is an allusion to caged canaries that miners would carry down into the mine tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide collected in the mine, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners, thus providing a warning to exit the tunnels immediately.

Nippy Tipple--Our signature english ale!  It's mild with just enough hop!  IBU 50 and ABV 5.6%
NIPPY TIPPLE is just fun to say, but brings back memories of mornings in the mine. Anywhere the coal changed modes of transportation—car to conveyor, to train, to barge-was commonly referred to as the tipple. Ironically it also means to drink in excess, so it works here in more ways than one. Any time of year, mornings in the tipple with the wind howling through them were quite nippy!

Long Wall--Our first IPA!  Dry hopped with Cascade and a tribute to the deep miners just a little south.  IBU 64 and ABV 5.5%
LONGWALL  mining is  where a long section of the coal strata is taken off in one slice. Automated longwall mining machines replaced hundreds of pick-and-shovel jobs and recovers 20 percent more coal than traditional room-and-pillar mining by removing the need for roof support throughout the mine

Fossil Fuel--An Irish pub stout, dark and like Texas Tea!  IBU 35 and ABV 4.5%
​Backfill Brown-- ​A brown ale that will fill your empty mine!  IBU 27 and ABV 6%